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Season 1, Episode 12 · 1 month ago

Episode 12: Gun Violence in the Latinx Community

Join the Root Causes team, as we talk about the intersections of Latinx identities, systemic inequalities, alternative forms of protest, and so much more with two amazing Latinx organizers: Ana Lemus and Andrea Gonalez.

Season 1, Episode 11 · 1 month ago

Episode 11: Mental Health, Gun Violence, and Reforms

On this week's episode of Root Causes, we are joined by Andrea Brown and Nia Jones from the Black Mental Health Alliance. We discuss the connection between slavery and our U.S. institutions, ways in which the State has broken down our communities, as well as ways to prioritize the wellbeing of your whole community.

Season 1, Episode 10 · 1 month ago

Episode 10: Climate Justice and Gun Violence Prevention

The ways in which climate justice is intertwined with gun violence prevention is many, but do we talk about this enough? Join the Root Causes team with Shiv Goel and Rohan Arora, as we discuss the climate justice movement, systemic racism, capitalism, and so much more on this weeks episode of Root Causes.

Season 1, Episode 9 · 1 month ago

Episode 9: Abolition is Gun Violence Prevention

Abolition, gun violence, and how we can bring about the collective liberation of all peoples. Both Elijah Nichols and Addison Moore strip back their guards and make it clear that the fight to end state violence is a cause that the gun violence prevention movement must boldly take on-- despite pushback.